The exhibition project Konnexiones is meant to be an implicit parallel with the mechanics of the world.

It is the cross-fertilization of ideas and techniques, influenced by knowledge and cultures, which have given place to a spontaneous production of collaborations. The world is the result of the multitude of entities that shape it at every moment. The interaction that occurs between these entities is defined in this proposition as «a connection». It is on this phenomenon that the research of this project focuses. This connection is not so much the work of the matter but in large part a dialogue that becomes denser until it materializes before our eyes. It is a quasi-chemical process where the confirmed individualities of the artists dilute and associate in the crucible of their environments. Thus the dialogue unfolds, purifies,densifies, constitutes several snapshots of idea that crystallize in space. A connection between materials, a particular light, elements and all that the place of experience offers, is found in the propositions.